Tuesday, March 19, 2013

IDEX 2013

Table #20.
Please Stop by and See the New Ladies.

Special Debut of "Downton Flower Show" - One of My Favorite Costumes.
Hint - Lady Grantham

See You There!
At The BJD Mixer on Saturday Evening...


Saturday, January 19, 2013

A New Year

     All the trimmings are back in their boxes and safely stowed away until next Christmas. My tree sits alone and twinkly in the living room, awaiting a pair of storage bags. Once it is tucked safely inside, it will dwell in the garage for another year. It is a little sad in its lonesomeness but it is also acting as a buffer between all the glimmer that was and all the somewhat drab that is.

     I am returned from a lovely visit with my son in southern CA and this first week of 2013 has almost passed. I am astonished by the speed with which each new day approaches. I felt the same exactly one year ago and the fact that another year has dawned and has begun its swift passage has me determined to make each and every day as important and productive as I possibly can.

     I have cleaned up most of the fall and early winter debris from the yard. The birds are gleefully picking off the earthworms I uncovered with my rake.

     So I am now gazing at the flames in my fireplace. It is raining and I am glad to have beaten the wet.

     I am full of ideas and plans. We go to IDEX in April and I will be ready.

     I need to re-mold a new head and a major fabric buying trip is imminent.

     Please take a moment to visit my web site linked below and be sure to go to Yahoo and sign up for my First to Know Group - The Secret Garden - for new dolls and doll news.

Have a happy New Year and let me hear from you.

My Dream Continues

     I dreamed of my own doll and I hoped she would reflect my sense of romance, fantasy and history.

     I wanted my creation to be more than a doll.

     This special figure was to be ethereal, graceful and able to pose.

     The resin Ball Jointed Doll was the perfect medium.

     I also wanted the doll to be large enough to allow for great detail in costuming and accessories and most importantly, I wanted the doll to reside in a small vignette and to be accompanied by accessories and props which would enhance the mood of the chosen theme and also allow you, the collector the opportunity to engage with the figure, pose her as desired and change her attitude at will.

     And now to begin the realization anew in 2013.